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Chaz September 24, 2003 06:36

Air humidity modelling
Dear.... How to model air humidity in room in segregrate solver? Thank very much T_T Help me pls.

Chetan Kadakia September 25, 2003 04:39

Re: Air humidity modelling
You can use the VOF model, but I am uncertain how accurate it will be. You will have define two phases. The primary phase is air, and the secondary phase is water vapor. But I'm not sure how you can dipserse the water vapor in the air.

thomas September 25, 2003 07:16

Re: Air humidity modelling
Hey, I do not know what is the importance of using a seggregated solver for you. According to me you should create a Scalar (UDS) corresponding to the air humidity fraction throught the domain. Like that this scalar will be transport through out your domain. In that case the mixture model is one of the solution possible. Now maybe Fluent already takes into account air humidity transport in a multiphase model, you should check. Hope this help thomas

Chaz September 25, 2003 10:03

Re: Air humidity modelling
The important of using seggregrated solver because I familiar with this solver than others.

Thank you very much for your (2) answers I'll tryyyyyy

emre September 25, 2003 14:51

Re: Air humidity modelling
Hi, Air humidity can be processed by solving the species transport equations, you dont need to go to multiphase models. If youre looking for predicted mean vote or predicted percent dissatisfied, you should explicitly write them. Regards emre

raluca October 16, 2003 04:10

Re: Air humidity modelling
Hi, for a humidity model I tried with 2 speces: air and water vapour. You define allways your properties as fonctions of the mass fraction and I assure you that it works. I validate this kind of model by experimental data. good luck!

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