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varghese September 25, 2003 08:48

radial coordinate in UDF
Hallo! All,

Who can tell me how to obtain the radial coordinate to write a DEFINE_PROFILE udf? As far as I know x[ND_ND] matrix representation defines x[0] as x-Cartitian co-ordinate, x[1] as y-Cartetian coordinate and x[2] as z-Cartitian coordinate. But when we have a radial profile, how can it be written as a UDF?



thomas September 25, 2003 09:43

Re: radial coordinate in UDF
Hey, hope the following informations will help you.

For cylindrical coordonnates (3D or 2D axy simulation) X(0) = z axis (height of your geometry) X(1) = r (Radial profile) X(2) = Thetha (rotating angle) Note !!! make sure in gambit you have: Gambit x-cartesian-axis represents the Z-axis of your geometry.

For spherical i think the radial profile is obtained by X(0) when X(1,2) are the 2 other rotating angles.

As I do not want to mislead you would better check on the online fluent user documentation. Good luck, thomas.

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