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Atholl September 30, 2003 11:44

I have a large 3D mesh with lots of surfaces, lines, rakes, etc. defined on it to allow some post-processing. I have another mesh, same dimensions, but more cells. Is there a way I can import all my pre-defined surfaces into my finer mesh? If not, can I find the x,y,z dimensions of my existing surfaces so I can put them onto my new mesh, without having to work out the dimensions all over again?

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ap October 1, 2003 06:51

Re: Surfaces
If you defined your surfaces in FLUENT, you should be able to "import" them in the new mesh as follows:

1) Open cas and datfile in which you defined surfaces.

2) Open the file containing the new mesh without exiting FLUENT.

3) Save the new case file.

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