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Phil October 1, 2003 12:00

Sea Waves/Wave tank
Hi, I am wanting to carry out a simulation using VOF of a body which is influenced by non breaking surface waves. Can somebody tell me how to set up the inlet and outlet boundaries to the domain in order to create the waves

mateus October 4, 2003 08:46

Re: Sea Waves/Wave tank

That can be a problem...In most cases you would define the initial shape of the surface of the water as a sine (or similar) function. That's imposible to do in fluent. You would have to make a part of grid shaped this way in gambit and later reference fluid (water) to that part of grid... You can try to make initial condition in a shape of a step...that will later result in waving of the water...

Best regards


Phil October 6, 2003 03:48

Re: Sea Waves/Wave tank

THanks for your reply, is it not possible to use a time based profile on the inlet boundary condition in order to define the cyclic motion, if it is possible do you know anywhere where i might find information on such a boundary?



mateus October 9, 2003 06:55

Re: Sea Waves/Wave tank

If you know a way to give your calculation a good initial conditions with defining boudary conditions you can write an udf defining time dependand b.c. You have an example in fluent udf documentation.

best regards


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