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Ale October 3, 2003 04:15

Compiled UDF
Hi to all,

I'm using compiled UDF on a PC (Windows system). If I modify my code and compile it again, I have to exit Fluent and restart it, otherwise the new libraries won't be created ('cannot open libudf.dll for writing').

Does anybody know a way to avoid closing and restarting Fluent at each modification of the code?

Thanks a lot in advance!


thomas October 3, 2003 09:01

Re: Compiled UDF
Hello, Try to change the name of the libraries each time you compile your UDF. Or erase before compilation the libudf file. regards thomas

ap October 3, 2003 15:09

Re: Compiled UDF
This happens because FLUENT opens the library libudf.dll when you open a case file which uses a compiled UDF.

You can't overwrite an opened file, so the only safe way to compile your UDF again is to exit FLUENT.

Hi :)


Ale October 6, 2003 03:55

Re: Compiled UDF
Thanks for your reply! I cannot erase the libudf file since I cannot access it until Fluent is open. Thank you anyway.

Regards, Ale

Ale October 6, 2003 03:56

Re: Compiled UDF
Thank you ap!

Hi :)


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