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cp October 4, 2003 17:25

DPM Injection
Hi All,

Does anyone know how to specify the injection frequency in Discrete Phase Model? For example, if my injection frequency is 25 Hz, How and where do I set the conditions corresponding to this 25 Hz?

Thanks in advance,


alex October 7, 2003 12:41

Re: DPM Injection
Hi your time step is equal to


Then once you select unsteady particle tracking you set the start time and the stop time injection in the set injection properties panel under point properties

Recall that fluent inject particles at every time step of your unsteady simulation of the continuous flow, therefore, in the iterate panel introduce the time step size equla to 0.04s and the number of time step, which should be equal to the time required for an statistical number of particles to leave the domain.


Alex Munoz

cp October 7, 2003 18:50

Re: DPM Injection
Thank you so much Alex,

I got your point. I will do it as you have suggested.

Thanks once again,


alex October 7, 2003 21:07

Re: DPM Injection

Your welcome, if you need something else let me know!!


Alex Munoz

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