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Nandu October 7, 2003 03:22

Batch post Processing

I am performing shock diffraction studies over various geometries (wedges, corners, circular arcs, etc). I have completed some simulations and the results are encouraging. The question i have though is that if one has forgotton to generate an animation sequence during the simulation is it possible to write a script file that can read in the various results files (saved after n number of timesteps) and generate hardcopy jpeg images form them? if so how? is it possible to write a loop function into the script file to automatically perform the tasks? any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated

Cheers Nandu

Prabu Parthasarathy October 7, 2003 11:52

Re: Batch post Processing

You will have to write a journal to accomplish this (very long) or you can write a scheme file which will be very compact. For the journal file, just record your steps in opening one file and generating the image. I would strongly suggest using only command line menu to do this since using the GUI will generate lot of garbage that cannot be deciphered. For eg.

f r-c-d "filename" dis set cont surf 0 dis cont temp 277 300 dis set hard driver jpeg dis hard "filename"

The above should generate hard=copy of temperature contours. You can also add each frame that is generated into scene animation to generate your animation sequence.

Copy the journal file multiple times within the same journal and change the data filename using some kind of scripting (VB or SED). Scheme files will be much more elegant but I haven't found a good scheme guide for FLUENT.

I hope this helps. Prabu

Nandu October 8, 2003 01:57

Re: Batch post Processing
Hi Prabhu,

Thanks for the info, I have done some searches for scheme files and the closest i could come to finding a programming guide happens to be in German. But i have found the script examples in them to be of quite a lot of help.

Cheers Nandu

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