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Laurence Wallian October 7, 2003 03:48

Gambit copy/reflect operation

I'm using the option copy/reflect of Gambit on a group of meshed edges, in order to make a whole domain from an half domain. In the half domain, each jonction between faces is composed of a single edge, but in its symmetric part obtained by the copy/reflect option, there is two edges. So, when I use Fluent with this whole domain, it does as if there were walls between the new faces ! How can I do to generate a new half domain with only one edge between new faces ?

Thank you for your help

Laurence Wallian

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Erwin October 7, 2003 10:00

Re: Gambit copy/reflect operation
Use the 'Connect edges' feature, and select all edges. That will delete any extra edges and vertices inside your model.

Laurence Wallian October 7, 2003 10:40

Re: Gambit copy/reflect operation

Thank you for your help, it's OK !

Good afternoon,

Laurence Wallian October 8, 2003 04:29

Re: Gambit copy/reflect operation

Here, some informations to be sure to create a good geometry :

In fact, when I've tried to create a whole geometry from an half geometry, by creating a group containing only edges, and by symmetrising them, Gambit didn't accept to save the whole geometry and said :

Received exception: Assertion failed in, line 987: 0

I think it's because there are relations between each entities of the geometry (vertice, edge, face) that weren't respected by creating a group containing only edges.

So I've made the same operations but by creating a group containing all the entities, and no error was signaled by Gambit.

Have a good day !

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