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prasanth October 9, 2003 00:59

multiphase equations
hello, can any one give the reference for the derivation of governing equations of multiphase equations(mixture model--particularly) used by FLuent.

thanks in advance. prasanth

mateus October 9, 2003 10:28

Re: multiphase equations

There's not much to say about multiphase equations in fluent. They are the normal Navier Stokes equations with the exeption that you have a mixture fluid. You can find the derivation of the Navier - Stokes equations in any book about fluid mechanics/fluid dynamics or cfd.

The assumption of mixture model is that you treat two (or more) fluids as one fictive continuum, which is defined by density and viscosity of both fluids:

ro=alpha*rho_f1+(1-alpha)*rho_f2 mu=alpha*mu_f1+(1-alpha)*mu_f2

alpha is Volume fraction of specific fluid...

Best regards


prasanth October 9, 2003 12:25

Re: multiphase equations
thanks for your kind reply. I know whatever you said. since i studied documentation, even in 6.1 version too.... i want some reference where such equations are derived. since that involves so many interface phenomena. thnks indeed!!!


David October 17, 2003 11:43

Re: multiphase equations

you have to do what we call some discretisation of equation, using some numerical methods models.

Have you done some numerical analysis?

You can have a look at this article:

You may get a better picture of what it is about and the results you can obtain with it.

I hope this helps


zwdi October 18, 2003 11:50

Re: multiphase equations
Hi Prasanth, Fluent 6.1 gives the reference book titled "On the mixture model for multiphase flow" written by Mikko Manninen & Veikko Taivassalo. I hope you can find the details of that model there. Best regards, Zwdi

prasanth October 18, 2003 13:46

Re: multiphase equations
hai DAVID, thank for ur reply.. yeah I do know about discretisation. I have done course in "numerical methods in thermal engineering" which covers FDM,FVM basically. but i do mean about multiphase equations. thanks again prasanth

prasanth October 18, 2003 14:07

Re: multiphase equations
hai ZWDI, thanks for your reply. i have seen it in reference. reference no. 163. thank you. I have to find out, how far it is, also whether that book will be available.. thanks again

zwdi October 19, 2003 16:29

Re: multiphase equations
Hi Prasanth, You can find it from the website of that company. Good luck Zwdi

prasanth October 20, 2003 01:04

Re: multiphase equations
Dear ZWDI, Yeah, I got it yesterday; I typed the key word as VTT Publishers after the trials with the title and after searching my institute library website. The I got the link to PDF files of all years.It is of 67 pages. THank you once again prasanth

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