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Jay October 9, 2003 18:07

Porous Carbon Tube

on the way simulating a reactor, I have to model the porous carbon tube with 12 in inner diameter and 24 in lengh with an average pore radius of 48 microns. a gas will get through the porous tube with a rate of 3.38 pounds per square foot of the tube area. Anyone has idea how I can model this porous section in a reactor? I could not find any information from fluent user guide for this problem. please let me know how I can set alpha and C2?

Thank you.

Mazyar October 12, 2003 17:17

Re: Porous Carbon Tube
alpha is 1/permeability and permeability can be found in related books. I have no exact idea about C2, but I just know that as FLUENT has recommended, inertial coefficient C2, will be about zero when flow is laminar (for low Reynolds numbers the effects of inertia is not significant in comparison to viscous effects). so for laminar set C2 to zero.

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