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Mazyar October 10, 2003 14:59

access to variables at interface of porous media?

I have a porous media which is next to a fluid zone. So for making the geometry, I generated and defined a FLUID zone in gambit, then within FLUENT, I separated that zone to one porous zone and one common fluid zone, as I wished. So I have an INTERIOR boundary between porous and Fluid after separation. Now, I want to access to the variables at the interface, which is of type Interior, thus I wrote a UDF for that; I can access correctly to the boundary, but I get SEGMENTATION VIOLATION when runnung the problem. Basically there is not something wrong with UDF, even I can print the x and y position of the faces of that INTERIOR boundary correctly, but whenever I use a variable related to the boundary in the UDF, such as: F_T(f,t) or F_R(f,t), F_V(f,t),.. that error appears. I want to know whether we can access to INTERIOR boundary variables? In this problem I could not access them. Ofcourse it seems to be rational, because at the interface of porous and major fluid zone, we cannot exactly say whether for example velocity belongs to fluid within the porous or the fluid in the main FLUID zone, because they have different velocities.

Thank you

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