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ff October 15, 2003 18:19

Left Handed faces

After creating grid interfaces and grid checking in my domain I found left handed faces. Is it possible to correct this problem? Thanks in advice. ff

Erwin October 16, 2003 05:02

Re: Left Handed faces
Try this: type in the command window:


ff October 16, 2003 05:58

Re: Left Handed faces
Thanks Erwin. I already used that function but after as well as before I have left handed faces in my domain (without negative volumes). MY final mesh was build using two separate meshes which are merged with fluent utillity tools. Those separate meshes are valid without left handed faces and without negative volumes. After creating grid interafecs left handed faces apears but as I say without negative voluems. Any tips?

Thanks in advice, ff

Guest October 16, 2003 11:10

Re: Left Handed faces
type at the FLUENT console:

(rpsetvar 'nonconformal/cell-faces 0)

before creating the grid interface. Make sure that you type the paranthesis as well.


ff October 17, 2003 09:34

Re: Left Handed faces

I'll try. Where I can find more about rpsetvar functions.

Thanks, ff

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