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Andrew Garrard October 16, 2003 05:30

Right mouse button - Gambit
has anyone else encountered a problem with gambit 2 accessing drop down features from the buttons in the operation panel using the right mouse click? Gambit will still recognise the right click, for example, when turning the geometry. I am running gambit on a sun machine. I found that using Exceed on widows XP to access the sun machine it will not work, but using win 98 it will. Secure Shell logging from a linux machine will not work but telneting from a sun machine will work.

Anybody else found this problem, and more specifically a solution.


fluent-fan October 17, 2003 05:59

Re: Right mouse button - Gambit
What I know it is problem with Solaris 9. Gambit is not compatible with that version. And probably it want be, 'cause Solaris has problem to handle the graphic in some programs.

Happy computing

msani July 18, 2010 06:21

I found this trick by trial and error:

Press down and hold left mouse button on the menu button,
Now while keeping left button pressed down press down AND hold the right mouse button and you will see the hidden menu,
Keep down both mouse buttons and move the courser on the symbol of the command you need,
Now release both buttons at the same time and its chosen.

Unfortunately, I have not found any way to rescue gambit when it's stock by just right clicking on a menu button so I have to kill the process every time I forget the above procedure! Does anybody have a clue?

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