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Ajay October 16, 2003 12:10

Using c_face_loop
I am trying to write a UDF which print outs the area vectors of the boundary faces could somebody point out why i am getting non -integer subscript expression : unsigned char error when i try interpretting my udf ?the line number where the error occurs is in marked with ******'s Thanks , Ajay


{ int index;

real cell_cordi[ND_ND],a[ND_ND];

Thread *t;

Thread *tf;

cell_t c;

face_t face;

d = Get_Domain(1); /* Get the domain using Fluent utility */

if ((fpt3=fopen("mean_shear.dat","w"))==NULL)


printf("Cannot open the file\n");



/* Loop over all cell threads in the domain */



/* Loop over all cells */



********** c_face_loop(c,t,index)


tf = C_FACE_THREAD(c,t,index);




fprintf(fpt3,"%d ",index);



fprintf(fpt3,"\n ");



} fclose(fpt3);


qubek October 17, 2003 04:03

Re: Using c_face_loop
I have the same problem and I found the solution searching this forum. The problem is that if you use c_face_loop you can't interpret your UDF but you have to compile it.

Ajay October 17, 2003 13:21

Re: Using c_face_loop
Thanks a Ton !

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