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li li October 20, 2003 20:09

Re:How I simulate Sediment suspend in the fluid?
Dear all,

I am solving one problem with sediment(sand) suspended in the fluid. Can I use mixture model with phase two? If so, how I specify the material for the sand? Can I get the concentration and the derivative of the concentration of the sand from the mixture model?

Thanks in advance.


ap October 21, 2003 10:31

Re:How I simulate Sediment suspend in the fluid?
FLUENT manual suggests the Eulerian model for sedimentation.

You can see an example of its use in the tutorial "Using the Eulerian Multiphase Model for Granular Flow". You can find there how to define sand.

Anyway, just create a new fluid (not solid) material in the Materials panel, specifing the density of the sand. Then, in the phase panel, choose your primary phase to be your liquid, and the secondary phase to be sand. Select the secondary phases, click on Set, and activate the granular option. In that panel you have to specify particle diameter and sand properties.

You can directly obtain the sand volume fraction and plot it.

Hi :)


galeazzo October 21, 2003 10:44

Re:How I simulate Sediment suspend in the fluid?
Dear Li,

My current project is exactly sand suspended into a fluid. I use the Eulerian model in my simulations, and you have to be aware of what models for granular viscosity, phase interaction, etc you are using. Use the online manual, it is pretty good.

To specify the material of the second phase, create first a material with the properties you want (under Define - Materials...), then select the second phase in the phases panel (Define - Phases...) and put your material in the field Material.

I hope I was clear enough!


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