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Devin October 22, 2003 13:04

Blasius Solutions
Hello All,

I'm doing some numerical work and in an effort to verify my results I'm trying to validate Fluent's solutions. One way I am doing this is by modeling simple cases and comparing it to known solutions. The problem I am having is in comparing my results for incompressible flow over a flat plate with Blasius' exact solution.

When the results are compared for Reynolds numbers of 10, 100, 1000, and 10000, it was noticed that the solutions get further from Blasius as the Reynolds number decreases. A comparison of the contours for the x-velocity between the 10 and 10 000 cases shows a larger acceleration of the flow beyond the set free-stream x-velocity for the lower Reynold's number.

This acceleration makes some sense physically if the flow is to achieve continuity for each cell as the boundary layer gets larger. However, I suspect that the y-velocity should increase more than the x-velocity to increase the mass flux out of a cell. I'm not sure what to do about this. Also, because my work involves small particles the low Reynolds flow will be important.

Has anyone worked with this before and have any suggestions or information?

Thanks, Devin

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