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Bikash October 24, 2003 12:38

How to create a Cell Zone
Hi, i got a model and its meshed. now i want to create a cell zone so that i can provide heat source from that cell. how do i do that? i would really appreciate your help and respect your time. thank you


Bikash October 24, 2003 12:46

Re: How to create a Cell Zone
im using fluent 6

and gambit 2

thomas October 25, 2003 12:48

Re: How to create a Cell Zone
Hi, If you already have you domain meshed and you do not want to define your cell zone by returning in gambit you can do the following stuff in Fluent. Adapt>region>entre the parameter of your cell zone (size coordonate ....)>adapt>mark. The default name for this new zone will be (I think) something like 'hexhedron-r0'. Like that you can for example patch what you want in this zone. You might need some further steps to set it as a heat source though ... but I dunno about that. Hope this help, thomas

Bikash Vaidya October 26, 2003 15:11

Re: How to create a Cell Zone
hi thomas thanks a lot for the information. i will figure it out how to do if now. can we do that in gambit too? i didnt know about that. please let me know how to do it in gambit. thank you


thomas October 26, 2003 16:04

Re: How to create a Cell Zone
Hi, the second icon in the boundary condition panel will help you to define contnuum BC -> will help you to define solid or fluid zone. Be aware of something. I have notice for a personal case that you need to have this zone meshed separatly to be considered in the mesh export in Fluent. For example if you have a small rectangle inside a bigger one and you mesh just the bigger one hoping the small one will be also mesh. You are still able in Gambit to define the small rectangle as a specific cell zone but this zone will be take into account in the mesh export. You need to operate some boolean operations on the rectangle and mesh them separately. I just hope this fits to the problem you have to solve and I am not misleading you. cheers thomas

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