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Andrew Clark October 27, 2003 23:28

Problems with PrePDF
I have recently created a new thermo.db for PrePDF so that I have more species available to me. I have been using Burcat's Thermodynamic tables as my source which has many species listed in NASA 1971 format. I edited the layout of the data slightly, so that it would load into Fluent, as it uses Chemkin II format, and it wouldn't load without a slight edit. Since then I have had no problems loading PrePDF or creating a PDF file with the new Thermo.db file. However when I load this PDF file into Fluent I get the following errors:

Error: CAR: invalid argument [1]: wrong type [not a pair] Error Object: #f

Error: cx-set-integer-entry: wta[2](integer) Error Object: #f

Error: cx-set-integer-entry: wta[2](integer) Error Object: #f

Has anyone seen any of these errors before, if so could you please help.

Thank you

Andrew Clark

Alamgir October 28, 2003 21:17

Re: Problems with PrePDF
I've seen the error type: not in pair: that is mainly for when the case and data file don't match or case file some how change its geometric criteria or position or identity.


cg October 29, 2003 00:18

Re: Problems with PrePDF

Please see chapter 14.5 of the Fluent manual, "Adding New Species to the prePDF Database ". Essentially, from prePDF you need to write out a thermodb.scm from the File -> Write -> Thermodb... menu in prePDF.

Good luck!

tanaji October 9, 2010 20:34

PDF table
I have Chemkin Mechanism files of 93 species... I am using Non Premixed combustion model...

can anybody tell me how to prepare the PDF table..

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