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eric October 31, 2003 07:51

simulation 'Tricks'

This is just to make cfd life a little more interesting and easier.

I am hoping people will post little tricks or techiques that they use for anything in cfd simulations ( that you never find in a book or manual). It might really help newcomers like my self. For instants yesterday i had a problem with the continuity residual on my simulation and i couldn't reduce it no matter what i did, but i was using simple urf's. So i check around cfd-online and found that by increasing my pressure urf and decreasing my momentum urf this would decrease my continuity.

I would had i not found that, I'm sure i would still be trying to reduce my residual. I know its not much but it can mean a day, a week or even a month to a new comer.

So I propose that people could post their 'tricks' here, no matter what they relate to in the simulation.

Hopefully this catches on!!!



caloggero November 4, 2003 04:22

Re: simulation 'Tricks'
Hi Eric! i totally agree with you! as a begining of my contribution, this is a trick about using the Fluent batch mode: when you run tests simulations with the same boundary conditions. instead of entering them at each case, you can just do it once, then write the following command line in fluent interface:
:file write-bc filename.bc(enter) the (.bc is just to make it easy to retreive the file in your folders) then in the next case you've just to do:
:fiel read-bc /filepath/filename.bc that's it. By

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