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jx November 2, 2003 14:09

postpressing a parallel run: merge partitions?
Hi, dear Fluent users,

I am wondering if there is some way that I can merge all partitions into one after a parallel run.

My problem is that the normal postpressing for a serial run, like contour plot for temperature, etc, won't work for a parallel case/data file(s). All I get is blank screen aside the color map (the color map looks all right though). It is certain that I chose a proper zone and did not do any zoom/pan actions.

I am not sure if it is because those plot functions are only available for a serial run, or it is because something else is wrong during my postpressing.

Thanks for suggestions.


Davide November 3, 2003 06:14

Re: postpressing a parallel run: merge partitions?
Dear Jx, I think that you should run your calculations in serial way, and after few iterations, just save the files. Then close Fluent, and open it in parallel way!Read cas and adat files, and iterate. It should work, and it is ehat Fluent suggests. Let me know something!

jx November 3, 2003 09:58

Re: postpressing a parallel run: merge partitions?
Davide, thanks for your input.

But I remember I did it this way (80% sure). Also I chose auto-partition approach. I saved the case and data file after the parallel run though (Does this mean the .cas file now contains partition information and can not be changed back?).

Now those normal post-pressing procedure, for example, contour plot for flow domain temperature, for fluid velocity manganitude, etc, just don't work properly. As I said, only a color map was displayed.

I am not sure where the grid partition information is stored (in .cas file or .dat file, or both?). But I am hoping I can merge all partitions and result data back into one, so that I can do the normal postpressing just like after a serial run.

Anyone has an idea? Thanks,


jx November 3, 2003 11:58

Re: postpressing a parallel run: problem solved.
Hi, all,

Found the reason why my postprossing had problem:

It was because I run the job on a server through a VNC session, and I set the VNC color depth as 8bit to reduce network traffic. Fluent plot functions would not work at this color depth.

Now change the color depth to 24bit and everything turns back to normal. So the problem had nothing to do with a serial/parallel run. It was my mistake.

Hope this might be useful for others. And thanks to all who paid attention.


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