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CFDHunnter November 4, 2003 16:47

How about FLUENT user's job prospect?
hey, all,

I found it's extrmely hard to get a CFD job for people like me whose background is from ChemE and only know how to use some commercial CFD software, like FLUENT and PHOENICS. I do have intensive experience in CFD application for Chemical processes, but the job openning is too rare to send out my resume. Anyone has the same feeling?

johnnyb November 4, 2003 17:04

Re: How about FLUENT user's job prospect?
Have you thought about an academic job? Could be good for experience outside your current field, which will then add greater weight to your CV. (Pay won't be too good though!)

ozgur November 5, 2003 09:54

Re: How about FLUENT user's job prospect?
I am als a Chem. Eng. and i see that CFD is becoming more important at least for the acadamic studies. I was introduced with CFD recently through my masters' thesis here in Tech. Uni. Hamburg-Harburg, and see that people have growing interest on this topic to implement it in the areas where they do experimental work.

Easycad November 5, 2003 17:01

Re: How about FLUENT user's job prospect?
Well me too! I am also Chem Eng trying to use CFD for modeling experiments that we run in parallel. In future i guess CFD modeling will dominate over conventional experimental works. So it means that we (ChE) should have nice perspectives in industry compared to "pure mathematicians". IMHO!

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