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Optixxx November 4, 2003 18:31

FLUENT->Ensight Gold
******************************************* someone familiar exporting from fluents parallel version to ensight/gold?

tried really all now

1. exported in export panel the .geo,.vel,.encas file 2. started ensight server 3. tried several combinations fluent universal/unstructed with part/data success,cant read the *.vel-file

Files are 3d

Would be happy of any reply

Charles Crosby November 5, 2003 16:18

Re: FLUENT->Ensight Gold
About the only reply I can come up with is "me too" ... I tried to view the files with Paraview (which can read Ensight format files), without any luck.

Optixxx November 6, 2003 03:39

Re: FLUENT->Ensight Gold
************************************************** ****

Ok ...managed it,but only with "normal" simulations. With my 4 -Phase(noodles-soup) multiphase-heat-transfer simulation,FLUENT makes errors exporting the velocity part *.vel.Even,when i dont pick any velocity-related value...strange really.tested it on 6.1.18 and 6.1.22

Normal (Parrallel):

1. export->ensightgold 2. start ensight server 2. File->Data reader(Format case)...setcase choose the written *.encas file

But how to import the *.vel part....for single,my simulation is too big!

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