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Marie November 5, 2003 09:35

DPM iteration
Hello! Does anyone could explain me how does Fluent work with the number of DPM iterations per time step? When does it use this number? Thanks, Marie.

David November 5, 2003 11:14

Re: DPM iteration

this is what Fluent manual says:

In a coupled two-phase simulation, FLUENT modifies the two-step procedure above as follows:

1. Solve the continuous phase flow field (prior to introduction of the discrete phase).

2.Introduce the discrete phase by calculating the particle trajectories for each discrete phase injection.

3.Recalculate the continuous phase flow, using the interphase exchange of momentum, heat, and mass determined during the previous particle calculation.

4.Recalculate the discrete phase trajectories in the modified continuous phase flow field.

5.Repeat the previous two steps until a converged solution is achieved in which both the continuous phase flow field and the discrete phase particle trajectories are unchanged with each additional calculation.

And to finally answer your question it says :

The coupling parameter is the number of gas phase iterations performed between updates of the discrete phase trajectory calculations. You might want to increase this parameter in problems that include a high discrete phase mass loading or a larger grid size. Less frequent trajectory updates can be beneficial in such problems.

Probably people will have some comments about it.

I hope this helps


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