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prasanth November 7, 2003 05:49

URGENT, UDF-multiphase!
In my UDF for phase change using source terms, the primary and secondary threads are not recognising the actual primary and secondary threads defined in fluent... I mean, liquid (primary) and vapor regions (secondary) are patched in fluent and in UDF, 0 is assigned for primary phase and 1 for the secondary phase. now in the program, it has to check cell temperature of liquid(primary) for crossing saturation temperature and then only it has to execute evaporation function, but it is reading the vapor phase temp.s which are already more than sat temp and so the evap. func. is executed...which is wrong...either way it reading max temps..

i hope u understand my prob.

thanks in advance prasanth

prasanth November 7, 2003 12:53

UDF for source term--recognising phases

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