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co2 November 8, 2003 14:11

time varying boundary condition
Hello fluent users,

I am not a very advanced fluent user but know my way around. I need model some time varying boundary conditions in my model - more specifically, the radiative flux on the wall needs to change with time - how do I model this ?

Can you atleast tell me what part of the help files to read ?

Ajay Rao November 9, 2003 15:12

Re: time varying boundary condition
Hi I had replied to a similar querry. The name of the thread was " change in Boundary condition during run " Hope that helps. -Ajay

co2 November 11, 2003 13:36

Re: time varying boundary condition

I did take a look at your post - But you suggest use of UDF. I have realized actually this can be done by making a profile file and feeding that file to a Boundary Condition - But The fluent help is not very helpful - atleast I have not been able to make a profile file as yet. If you or anyone else know how to make a profile file for the following example please let me know -

Let us say that I have a wall and it has heatflux boundary condition. Every minute I need to change this heat flux

time(min) heatflux (W/m2) 0 0 1 5 2 10 3 15

That is just an example. How do I make a profile file for this one? And how do I hook it up to the model? Please let me know or show me the section of the help files or manual where I can read more about it

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