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zhou1 November 14, 2003 18:54

What cause "segmentation violation"
I run a case and it looks converge from residual curve. All residual goes to decrease. However, it shows error "segmentation violation" and stops running every time when the iteration number is 249. I really don't know where this error comes from. What situation could cause this error and How many propability could cause that error? Is it the bug in FLUENT? Thanks.

Chendhil November 14, 2003 19:27

Re: What cause "segmentation violation"

There could be several reasons for segmentation violation. The primary one is: 'illegal acesss to Fluent's memory' by your case. At somewhere in your calculations, you are trying to access a location, where you are not supposed to. or If you are using UDMIs, not declaring the memories, leads to this type of error.

Hope this helps,


Dear December 8, 2003 03:40

Re: What cause "segmentation violation"
I have run into this problem too. How can we solve that? It's also said " EOF on stderr" . I have no idea what it means. Please help me out. Regards

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