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Easycad November 15, 2003 13:56

Question about BC when using DPM
Hi all! I use DPM to simulate atomized liquid droplets and wall BC for particles is TRAPPED. According to the manual when droplet is trapped its volatile fraction is "evaporated" and added to vapor fraction of the neighboring cells. So my question is this: 1. Is it temperature dependent or not? For instance volatile fraction of water is 1 (it is defined in the properties of the water), but it won't evaporate completely say at 25C. 2. What about the un-volatile fraction that is trapped to the wall. How is it treated?

Thanks alot in advance.

Easycad November 18, 2003 17:55

Re: Question about BC when using DPM
Hi again! I will be very grateful if someone makes it clear to me. thanks in advance

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