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Novello November 16, 2003 07:30

Heat sink whith only natural convection
Good morning, I would to simulate a particular geometry (3D) of heat sink whith onli natural convection, I'm a new user of CFD software (I don't have still never CFD software) and I want to understand if I must be assume laminar flow or turbolent flow. In your opinion are precise and reliable the results of Fluent software for this mixed natural convection/conduction in a metal problem?

Thanks Best regards Sorry for my bad English

Novello, Italy

Novello November 16, 2003 21:14

Re: Heat sink whith only natural convection
sorry, my englysh is vary bad and you may don't understand my problem...

My problem is: I want to simulate an natural convection heat sink in air. I decide to use Fluent, which is the model to make in gambit? I think to create the model of heat sink (solid) ..and in which manner can I modeling the surrounding air?

Best regards

Novello, Italy

ashish November 17, 2003 02:40

Re: Heat sink whith only natural convection
hello Novello,

In gambit, you have to model surrounding air as well by defining it as a fluid domain. And, You have to decide the size of surrounding fluid domain, based on how much volume of fluid surrounding the heat sink is getting affected by the natural convection currents.

Bye, ashish

Novello November 17, 2003 07:46

Re: Heat sink whith only natural convection
Ok thanks, If V1 it's the volume of Aluminium heat sink and V2 it's a cubic larger volume that contain V1, I apply the boolean oparation V3=V2-V1, V3 is then the air volume and my system is constituted by V1 and V3. It's correct?



ashish November 17, 2003 07:59

Re: Heat sink whith only natural convection
Hello Novello,

Yes, it is correct...

Bye, ashish

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