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ROOZBEH November 17, 2003 03:42

"CAVITATION" Special Pressure-Corr relaxation!!!
Hi; I want to model cloud cavitation arround a simple hydrofoil with Fluent. I work with version 6.1.22 of this software recently. In its documentation there is some guidlines suggested to obtain a converged solution. I begin the solution with a non-cavitating condition and approach slowly to the operating condition. At a non-cavitating condition, when I solve only the flow equations, I obtain a stable converged solution; But in the same condition(non-cavitating i.e. a low velocity or a high pressure) when I add volume fraction equation of cavitation to equations, I do not have a converged stable solution.(the main problem is the "continuity" residue.) Of course this is by defult setting of "pressure limit" or"Termination criteria" or ... Because fluent documentation suggestion, when I type: (rpsetvar,'pressure-correction/relax value) I recieved error: "invalid command[rpsetvar]" Can I set this relaxation in solution pannel? Where I should type this correctly? Thanks.

cfd November 17, 2003 07:29

Re: "CAVITATION" Special Pressure-Corr relaxation!
(rpsetvar,'pressure-correction/relax value)

That's a mistake: the "," behind "rpsetvar" has to be omitted. Try (rpsetvar 'pressure-correction/relax 0.4) That should work.

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