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Jeff November 18, 2003 19:10

UDF boundary condition

I am working on UDF.One thing puzzles me about BC. I add a user-defined scalar transport equation in FLUENT. And the boundary condition of UDS is a function of the velocity.

I wondering if the boundary profile will be updated every iteration or every time step?

Many thanks.


ccc November 20, 2003 12:54

Re: UDF boundary condition
In my point of view, the boundary profile should be updated per time step when unsteady model is used. I think you should try to use the function DEFINE_ADJUST which is excuted at the beginning of each iteration.

good luck.

Ajay Rao November 20, 2003 18:15

Re: UDF boundary condition
The new version of FLUENT (6.1.22) has DEFINE_AT_END which updates UDF automatically at the end of each time step for unsteady and end of each iteration for steady case.


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