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greg November 19, 2003 13:51

Solution won't iterate ?!?!?

When I try to iterate fluent freezes and does nothing for hour(s). Has anyone else ever had this problem? Is there anything that I can do to get around this? The details of my problem follow:


-Comparison study between the FUN2D and Fluent flow solvers


-Create using AFLR2 for FUN2D

-Converted to Gambit neutral file using fortran code that i wrote


-Imports into fluent w/ no problems

-195796 Cells

-Every thing checks out when performing grid check in fluent

-Minimum wall spacing is 2e-6 such that y+<1


-Inviscid works fine...problem iterates to a solution

-Turned on Spalart-Almaras (which is what is used in FUN2D) and when tried to run Fluent stops dead in it's track

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, greg

greg November 19, 2003 14:29

Re: Solution won't iterate ?!?!?

greg November 19, 2003 14:31

Re: Solution won't iterate ?!?!?
I left out some important details...The grid near the wall is HIGHLY skewed ~0.99. Could this possibly be the culprit??

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