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Easycad November 20, 2003 20:16

Problem with DPM injection!
Hi all! What does this error message mean? "cant figure which cell is going to... Aborted". Solver displays this message when it reaches dpm iteration. I tried different types of injections and positions, it doesnt help... Thanks

Chendhil November 21, 2003 01:55

Re: Problem with DPM injection!

If "Aborted" appears for a droplet, it means that the solver's iteration limit is exceeded before it can determine the fate of the droplet. One possible remedy is to increase the number of continuous phase iterations per DPM iterations in DPM panel.


easycad November 21, 2003 08:30

Re: Problem with DPM injection!
Hi! Thanks for the answer, but it seems that solver doesnt iterate at all. the error appears instantly and no particle tracks are available. thanks again

Allan Walsh November 21, 2003 11:51

Re: Problem with DPM injection!
Make sure initial particle positions are within the domain.

Easycad November 22, 2003 15:39

Re: Problem with DPM injection!
Hi! Thanks for your interest, but that was the first thing i did when received error message. It is ok, it is inside the domain. Can it be due coinsidence of the injection point and of a node?

Daniel Santana November 24, 2003 17:38

Problem with DPM injection!
hi I have some problem with my DPM injection because am trying to simulate the heavy fuel oil combustion, but it does not occur, somebody tell me an experience with this proble. Thanks Daniel Santana

Easycad November 24, 2003 18:49

Re: Problem with DPM injection!
Hi! Try starting your simulation with simple water or any individual substance like ethyl alcohol, then chek out for heavy oil. By the way how do you define your oil properties? Do you represent them as narrow fractions with specific properties that form a mixture, or do you inject thm separately?

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