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Salhi Rachid November 23, 2003 05:23

heat transfer with porous block in fluent
Dear users, I want use Fluent to mdel heat transfer and fluid flow in channel containing a porous block (i.e.: channel partielly filled with a porous media). I can't sepcify the porous zone and particulary the interface fluid-porous region, I need your help

ccc November 25, 2003 00:42

Re: heat transfer with porous block in fluent
hi Salhi,

Does you specify two zones in Gambit, one for fluid and another for porous media?

good luck.

co2 November 26, 2003 14:41

Re: heat transfer with porous block in fluent
Dear Salhi,

I am not exactly able to visualize your geometry but porous zone option is available under fluid material type - It is just a matter of checking a box.

I have had success is creating the interface between the fluid and porous zone by doing the geometry creation in gambit right. you need to use split option intelligently and specify the boundaries as walls. Then when you export your geometry into fluent, you will see a wall and wall-shadow appearing say wall-13 and wall-13-shadow. You click on wall-13 and change the boundary type from wall to interface. that results into disappearance of the shadow and an interface creation between your porous and fluid zone - allowing mass, momentum and energy trasfer.

I hope my note helps you and you are able to move ahead in your research ! good luck.

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