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susan burke November 24, 2003 01:22

cooling fluid flow
I am an undergraduate of mechanical engineering and for one of my projects concerning heat exchange, esp. "convective cooling", I have had trouble defining and meshing solid structures in FIDAP. The "examples manual" provides some help, but nearly all the examples show how to mesh fluid not solid.

I would like to simulate a transient cooling flow past a heated obstacle, where the goal is to obtain temperature contours in the obstacle as the velocity of the fluid goes up (the obvious analogy is "example 16" -3D flow past a heated obstacle- where it doesn't mesh the electronic chip itself but the area surrounding it!) .

I would be very much delighted if you assist me in this respect.

Yours Truly, Susan Burke

Mcgregor November 24, 2003 11:22

Re: cooling fluid flow

I have not used FIDAP to mesh my flow domains, but a few things to note. It doesnt matter whether you are meshing a solid or fluid, because when you mesh the flow domain it doesnt matter wether it is specified as fluid or solid (the meshing process is the same)

Also, fluent has a meshing tool included in the installation called gambit. I have found this to be very good for meshing volume domains. If you already have your geometry then you can import it into gambit

good luck


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