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Jonathan November 24, 2003 13:04

Dense mesh at certain location
Hi there,

Can anyone pls enlighten me on how to generate a dense volume tetraheral unstructured mesh at a certain location of a geometry (maybe i want the centre of a 3D circular cylinder to be quite dense and the up & down streams to be coarse (ie a transition from coarse-to-fine-to-coarse mesh within the cylinder) using Gambit?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Jonathan

eric November 24, 2003 13:18

Re: Dense mesh at certain location
Use edge mesh and change the spacing method, i.e. bell, exponent etc. to get the grid pattern you want.


Use sizing function. Tutorial and video on fluent website.

The edge meshing will probably take a lot of playing around with to get the grid you want but I found it easier to use than sizing functions.

Hope this helps


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