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Tom November 25, 2003 12:09

What is a facet value

What is the difference between an average facet value and an average area value?

Cheers Tom

ap December 1, 2003 13:51

Re: What is a facet value
A facet value is evaluated on the face of the cell, an average area weighted value is the average value on the selected surface.

Hi :)


Tom December 2, 2003 05:21

Re: What is a facet value
Thank you for your answer.

The reason for the question is that I have an outlet surface. If I calculate the facet value for the surface and the average value for the surface I do not get the same result. Do you know why there is a difference?

Ming December 4, 2003 13:48

Re: What is a facet value
I think it is like this.

Assume all your surface is composed of 3 faces of different area, i.e. 2, 3, 5 M^2.

Assume the variable of your interest in these faces are 12, 15, and 18 Pa (assume pressure)


Average value based on surface area will be (2*12 +3*15 +5*18)/(2+3+5)

Average facet value will be (12*1 +15*1 +18*1)/(1+1+1) where the number 1 reprents facet.

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