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Chendhil November 26, 2003 02:41

Droplets in Porous Media
Hi All,

Does anybody have any experience with the modeling of droplet interactions with porous media in FLUENT? i.e. the interactions like droplet motion inside the porous medium, evaporation and boiling, etc. have been studied by anyone?

Any help on this would be of much useful, Thanks in advance,


co2 November 26, 2003 15:33

Re: Droplets in Porous Media
can you describe this problem further ? i do work in this area but i need to hear more to see if i can be of any help.

Chendhil November 26, 2003 16:58

Re: Droplets in Porous Media

Thanks for your intersts... Consider a 2-D axisymmetric geometry. If a droplet is injected into the domain, its path is NOT going to be altered by the presence of porous medium. In other words, the porous medium does not behave like an obstacle for droplet flow (in reality the porous medium does afftect the path and make the droplet spread radially). To my knowledge, this feature is not implemented in FLUENT.... I am kind of thinking that this can be done using UDFs. If you have any experience in this regard, Pls. share with me.



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