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David November 26, 2003 13:21

modify prePDF database - combustion

thank you for the time and effort spent to solve my problem. I am trying to include a new specie to the prePDF database. In Fluent documentation, they say i can add new species to the database file, THERMO.DB and thermodb.scm. THe format for THERMO.DB is explained but how to calculate the polynomial coefficients? I have no idea of how to use the constrained linear least square fitting procedure.

Moreover, the FLuent documentations gives no description or literature to refer to in order to add the new species in thermodb.scm and how to get the coefficients.

If anyone can help and build up a suitable answer, i would be very grateful.



David November 27, 2003 05:58

Problem solved:modify prePDF database - combustion

it seems that THERMO.DB file in linux is case sensitive that is why it was not taken into consideration.

So now it works


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