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Leila November 29, 2003 17:06

Transient natural gas flow description

I had asked about transient natural gas modeling by means of Fluent and, was asked for more detailed description. case description: A flow of natural gas under a pipeline conventional pressure (500-1500 Psi) enters the pipeline. This flow does not obey the ideal gas model. May be SRK model can be a good choice. you can consider the pipeline as nodes and node connectors in which nodes are connected with compressors, valves, pipes and regulators as node connectors. the pipe is burried under the ground in the depth of about 0.9 - 1m. As the gas goes on its way it becomes cooler and cooler as a result of pressure drop and heat exchange with its surronding (as the soil is usually in a lower temperature with respect to gas which is heated up after compression and, though it is being cooled, it is still hotter than the surrounding soil). If for instance a compressor station is out of service or a valve is closed or opened or there occurs some leakage in the pipelineor in the case of packing up the pipeline some transients are introduced to the system. I want to know when the transients affect the delivery points and how much does it take for the customer to get the flow and pressure he needs. So I need Fluent to do the following jobs for me: modeling a transient compessible flow having the capability of modeling fully turbulent flow considering the changes of viscosity with respect to temperature changes considering the pipe roughness as it is needed for fully turbulent flow and ... Can FLuent help me do these or I'd better write a code of my own? Best Regards Leila Faramarzi

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