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Volker Pawlik December 1, 2003 06:21

Bad OpenGL Performance with FIRE GL2 using GAMBIT
I am / we are using beside others a PC with Xeon double CPU (Pentium 4), 3 GB RAM 1,7 GHz, Diamond Fire Gl 2 Grapihcs Board.

Translating and rotating of views with many vetcors or shaded boundaries is exorbitantly bad. Compared with a 2 years older UNIX IBM Workstation our own graphics-performance benchmark gives a factor of >1.5 i.e. the newer PC needs 1.5 times more!! and compared with a Fire GL4 + Pentium 4 2,2 Ghz the factor is >2.

1. Is the reason for the bad performance the graphic board itself?

2. Or is it due to bad ogl-drivers in Linux?

3. Can someone give me an advice for Graphic Boards in combination with Fluent 6 + Gambit 2 under Red hat 7.3 ?

ap December 1, 2003 13:38

Re: Bad OpenGL Performance with FIRE GL2 using GAM
I think it's a problem with the driver of your video card.

I had similar problem under Linux with my nVidia card, till I installed the accelerated driver released by nVidia.

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