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Stanley December 4, 2003 06:45

how to make fluent wait?
Hello all of you! Is it possible to make fluent wait until a needed file will be created? What do you think?

However, thank you in advance

Wish I know it! Stan

ccc December 4, 2003 12:01

Re: how to make fluent wait?
hi Stanley,

really interesting question!

A possible way, I think, is to insert a loop into one of general define macros, for example, DEFINE_AT_END. The following codes may work.

FILE *file=NULL; char *filename[40]="";

while (!file)

file=fopen(filename,"*"); // you should check function definition to find suitable value for the second parameter, "*"

good luck

Ajay Rao December 4, 2003 17:43

Re: how to make fluent wait?
What about the EXECUTE command which allows you to execute a command after N number of iterations.May be this could be used , I have never tried though.


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