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ap December 6, 2003 08:56

UDS problem
I'm trying to solve an UDS in a multiphase system using FLUENT 6.1, doing an unsteady calculation.

My goal is to solve this equation on the domain of the secondary phase, which is absent at the beginning of the calculation, and then enters the system.

Coefficients of the scalar equation are function of the scalar, which is initialized to a non-zero value.

The problem is that FLUENT starts the calculation without solving the equation (residuals of my UDS are zero) and losing the initialization value. (I think it solves a zero equation).

When the secondary phase enters the domain, FLUENT still doesn't solve the UDS.

Any ideas?

Any help is really appreciated.

Hi :)


ap December 6, 2003 19:45

Re: UDS problem
I solved. I made a mistake while specifing dS[eqn] in the source term of my equation.

Hi :)


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