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Ajay Rao December 6, 2003 14:29

I am new to FILEDVIEW . I exported from FLUENT , my data in FIELDVIEW UNSTRUCTURED format. ( *.fvuns) When i try reading it thru FIELDVIEW it gives me an error saying " OEM licence does not support this file type" I am using FIELDVIEW s/w which i installed from the CD provided by FLUENT. Does anybody know whats the right way to use the FLEUNT results in FIELDVIEW ? Thanks Ajay

solomon December 7, 2003 19:09

Export Fluent case and data files using Fieldview case+data format i.e. (*.fvc) and (*.fvd)instead of Fieldview unstructured format. Then read in Fieldview the files (*.fvc) and (*.fvd) using Rampant-Fluent UNS...


Ajay Rao December 8, 2003 11:46

Thanks solomon for the tip, The Fieldview that I have installed gives me only two options for data input FIDAP FIELDVIEW UNS and POLYFLOW FIELDVIEW UNS !! The Fieldview software is the one I got along with FLUENT 6.1 instalation CD's. -Ajay

solomon December 8, 2003 13:25


That means the fieldview you have does not have full features and does not have capability to read data exported from Fluent. Full featured version of fieldview can import more format than the two you mentioned and in the menu has more choices. I remember I received once fieldview software with such few options when we lease FIDAP from Fluent Inc.

Fluent Inc does not give fieldview with capability of reading Fluent exported data with regular purchase or lease of Fluent but they do with FIDAP, in my understanding. But the odd thing is they send you with your Fluent package fieldview software which can not read fluent exported data. Fluent software is supposed to be a complete software with a robust postprocessing capability.


Rahman December 8, 2003 15:25

Pressure setting
Will anybody give me information about vacuum environment setting inside a chamber?i am using velocity inlet and pressure is also possible to use outflow boundary model is steady,incompressible,laminar,species transport.Actually high pressure gasses will be enter inside this low pressure(vacuum) chamber.This low pressure is maintain inside the chamber by diffusion pump which is place at outlet.

thanks for ur time Regards Rahman

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