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Nick1023 December 7, 2003 01:12

Gambit Gridding Issues-PLEASE Help!
I am a 1st timer, and don't know much about CFD, but I am trying to model a 2-D wave-absorbing beach for a tow-tank, of a y=a*sqrt(x) form. Is there a way to input an AutoCAD drawing into Gambit? If not, I have already put offsets of the beach into gambit and made faces out of it. I also have the bottom and back wall in. Now, what is the best way to create a mesh within the beach-face and between the wall and bottom and beach? This is for my undergraduate senior thesis. The beach face will be permeable, and I think I can figure that out. If anyone is willing to give me their contact information for me to contact you for further assistance, I would more than greatly appreciate it. I can send a drawing of the beach if needed.

chanchala December 8, 2003 12:21

Re: Gambit Gridding Issues-PLEASE Help!

I think you can save the ACAD drawing as an iges file and import it into Gambit using File-Import-IGES. Some ACAD versions don't allow saving in IGES format though. Also if you manage to import it make sure you clean up the geometry.


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