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Fernando December 8, 2003 12:34

tripping over udf's
hi guys. here is a simple question with, very possibly, a simple solution but i can't get my head around it. i'm trying to use udf functions in fluent 6.1, but the solver comes up with an error message stating that it is unable to open udfconfig.h for write. I suppose this must be the header file needed to read the udf's. Anybody knows whether i need further configuration of the software or if i am missing an important step? Thanks

Ajay Rao December 8, 2003 12:38

Re: tripping over udf's
Try having your case and UDF under c:\\ntbin\ntx86 directory. This might help.


Fernando December 8, 2003 13:02

Re: tripping over udf's
hi. Thanks for the quick reply. I tried, but i'm afraid it does not seem to work.

Ajay Rao December 8, 2003 14:08

Re: tripping over udf's
try interpreting one of the simple UDF's from the tutorials. So that you could pin point the source of the error. If you get the same error then something must be wrong other than your code. All the best Ajay

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