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Zhou Hua December 11, 2003 02:25

Text or Menu ?
Hi, Friends,

May I ask a question about your operation habit: when you use Fluent, which do you prefer, text command or menu operation ?


Tom December 11, 2003 09:11

Re: Text or Menu ?
I normally use the menu option, however there are a few hidden extras using the text command option.

Andrew Garrard December 11, 2003 10:54

Re: Text or Menu ?
It depends what you are doing. If you are activation one feature on a menu, it is usually faster to do it via the comand line, ie def user comp l. however, if you are using seveal features on on menu, like setting up an XY plot, then it is faster to use the menu.

ap December 11, 2003 15:15

Re: Text or Menu ?
Menus are easier to use. Just some click and you set your case up, even if sometimes are more time expensive than the command line.

I think FLUENT should include all options in the GUI, maybe with two menus configurations: "expert", with all options, and "standard" with basic options.

Also a toolbar, with very common functions like Open, Save, Iterate and Plot would be useful.

Hi :)


Zhou Hua December 11, 2003 22:22

Re: Text or Menu ?
Yes, when I read Fluent document files, I can always found some options which can only be setup with text commands, so I am also wonder why Fluent.Inc does not include this options in GUI? Another thing I feel not convenient is that the panels always extend to different configurations according to user's selection, that makes the GUI operations like some type of exploration, i.e. you can never tell the others what the panels really looks like, because they have so many different faces. Why not like windows, when the user activate an option, it will just open another new panel, instead of change the old one into a different face? seems that the Fluent.Inc engineers are a little bit lazy, haha...

Wenbin December 12, 2003 07:54

Re: Text or Menu ?
the dynamic panel is actually very good, the in fact, even all the options are shown on the panel, some of them will just be diabled if it has no meaning for a particular model. It all depends on the flow model!

And in my opinion, both interface has advantages/disadvantages, certainly, when it comes to implement all functionalities in both interface, Fluent still has something to improve, like the /solve/patch is only available in 6.1.22.

More importantly, as a generic CFD tool, Fluent is increasingly used in design optimisation, and in this case, automation is the key, therefore the text command access.

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