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Joe December 12, 2003 10:59

about disinfection modeling in water

Does someone has done simulations of disinfection using Fluent? Any refernce and information about disinfection models are very welcomed.

Thanks in advanced,


thomas December 12, 2003 12:27

Re: about disinfection modeling in water
'Use of computational fluid dynamics for simulating hydrodynamics, disinfection and by product formation in industrial ozonation tower'. COCKX A., DO-QUANG Z. 12/09/2001

I am prety sure they are using an older version of Fluent.

Hope you'll find what you want in it. thomas

Johnny B December 13, 2003 07:29

Re: about disinfection modeling in water
Try these:

Janex et al, 1998, "Impact of water quality and reactor hydrodynamics on wastewater disinfection by UV, use of CFD modelling for performance optimisation", Water Science and Technology,38,6,71.

Do-Quang et al, 2000, "Applying CFD modelling to enahance water treatment reactors efficiency: example of the ozonation process", Proceedings of the 1st World Water Congress of the International Water Association, 3-7 July, Book 2,Drinking Water Treatment,50-55.

Huang et al, 2002, "A computational fluid dynamic and experimental study of an ozone contactor", Water Science and Technology, 46,9,87 - 93.

Craig et al, 2002, "Hydraulic study and optimisation of water treatment processes using numerical simulation", Water Science and Technology: Water Supply,2,5-6,135-142.

Chataigner et al, 1999, "Chlorine disinfection: From CT requirements to clearwell design", Water Supply, 17, 3/4, 191 - 197.

Greene et al, 2002, "Numerical simulation of chlorine disinfection processes", Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, 2, 3, 167 - 173.

Joe December 18, 2003 13:58

Re: about disinfection modeling in water
Thanks all of you!

They are all good reference!


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