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vculiu December 16, 2003 19:44

phase problem
I tried to model a gas A flow pass the surface of liquid B, A will react with B to generate gas C (C will diffuse back into bulk gas phase). I'm assuming that A+B <-->C equilibrium is achived at B surface, i.e. I know the partial pressure of A, B, C at interface of A and B. Would you please kind tell me how can I model this process and which sample I should refer in Fluent6.0? I do not know what kind of boundary I can set there. I tried to model at the surface reaction, but actually I do not exactly know the exactly reaction rate. The reaction rate should be controlled by the diffusion rate of species.



Alamgir December 23, 2003 03:44

Re: phase problem

U should carefully read the following chapters of FLUENT manual:

chapter 12-17

and also have a look on Tutorial 13: Modelling of surface Chemistry.



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