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MN December 16, 2003 20:52

Cleaner method to Fluent Journals/Scheme
I'm working on a parameterized Gambit and Fluent model. I've got the Gabmit side taken care of nicely in that I can use an Excel spreadsheet with a frontend to generate and mesh the model I need, thanks to the relatively simplicity of the Gambit journaling scheme. However, I've found the Fluent journaling to be very lacking. That is, with File/Write/Start Journal, and then setting up my problem start to finish before iteration, it's mostly recording the actions taken on the GUI rather than actually setting values and doing specific CFD-type actions. Case in point, selecting a material off the materials database screen is not done by name, but by position in the list, which means that if the materials database is altered, the journal will fail to work.

I've seen people and a few examples of journaling that's based on Scheme where the various parts of the problem are set up more concretely. This is apparently done using the based TUI commands that FLUENT offers, which I've got the manual for but is very weak on information. I tried to start journaling, and use the TUI commands to set up values for the problem, but the resulting journal don't have what I'd thought it would have. (That is, I need to know how it records certain values into the various materials/bc's/etc such that I know what to change for a parameterized study). The Fluent UG doesn't have a lot of information on how the TUI commands can be used in Scheme as well.

Basically, I was hoping to find something like how the materials database is laid out for setting the case up.

Does anyone have any pointers or other sources of information of what I'm looking to do?

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