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Steven December 18, 2003 05:08

SOS: error message
Hello, all

I am a biginner user of Fluent, now i encounter two confusing poblems.

1) what the meaning of the following message: Error: fluent.6.1.18 received a fatal signal (SEGMENTATION VIOLATION). Error Object: #f

2) can we use several DEFINE_PROFLE macros during one computation?

3) how can we simulate dy/dx using UDF, where y is the mass fraction?

thank u very much in deed. Merry Christmas.


ap December 18, 2003 15:57

Re: SOS: error message
1) You usually obtain a segmentation violation error when you try to do invalid operations, such a division by zero.

2) You can use all DEFINE_PROFILE you need in your UDF, but you can hook a single DEFINE_PROFILE function to each boundary condition.

3) What do you mean? What's your goal?

Hi :)


Steven December 18, 2003 23:05

Re: SOS: error message
Mr/ Madam AP.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I want to compute a chemical concentrabution distribution in a micro channel. And there are two differnt boundary conditions in this domain, which are mean cell seretion and comsumption.

Therefore, i have to simulate Two different dC/dn in one computing domain using Fluent, (where C is the concentritiona, n is the nomal vectors of the top wall and bottom wall. And C can easily transformed into mass fraction. )

i am not sure if this problem can be solved by Fluent, and there are no such examples provided by Fluent Tutorial Guide.

Thank you verymuch indeed.



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